Already on 28 January 2001, at the swimming pool Laguna Vere (Tbilisi, Georgia), Henry Kuprashvili, 54, held a Guinness record performance. He swam 2 km in 92 minutes without a break with hands and legs bound
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One must pay attention to expressed comparisons about Henri Kuprashvili in media: in USA - "Human dolphin" (CNN), in China - "Human dolphin" (; Newspaper, Electronic Edition, Issue-390-2001.2.1), in Ukraine - "The Georgian became a dolphin for an hour and a half" (“СЕГОДНЯ” УКРАИНА,No.775, 30.01.01) in Russia - “Human-dolphin” (“Огонек” No.36, 2002, сентябрь. “Комсомольская Правда” No. 136, 7.09.02), in Georgia – “The sensation of the third Millennium” (“Sakartvelos Respublika”), “Great Georgian” (“Asaval-dasavali”) etc.

It is interesting that two reportages on “human-dolphin” were broadcasted by the leading TV Channel CNN eleven times (in February 2001 and November 2002). Leading TV channels made for Georgian reality unprecedented amount of purchases of reportages prepared by Reuters and Associated Press. The programmes prepared by Turkish and Ukrainian agencies were widely spread as well. As for Internet, over three thousand publications have been identified through the available search engines.

Henry Kuprashvili has been named “Person of 2002” by the newspaper “Akhali Epoka”. According to the newspaper “Kviris Palitra” the “Person of 2002 in the world”, Henry Kuprashvili was rated on the sixth position. The survey in the same newspaper showed that the nomination of “Happy Event” of 2002 rewarded Henry Kuprashvili’s swimming over the Dardanelles with the third position.